Life Between Lives Hypnosis

The ultimate journey within deep inside your memory to the time before your had a body:  revisiting your Soul Mates and your eternal Loved ones, having all your questions answered by your personal Angelic helpers.  One of the most amazing beautiful experiences of love and kindness a human can have on earth.  Talking face to face again with your departed loved ones, finding your purpose for being on earth at this time, meeting your angelic helpers face to face, reconnecting to the pure divine love at the center of the universe which is in the center of you.  And so much, much more....

 Dr. Newton spent 7  days  discussing and practicing LBL techniques,  with the  students:   the photo on the left is Michael  & Chuck.   Chuck has completed over 500 successful LBL sessions since. Your Life Between Life session is directly formatted from the time I spent studying with  the Newton Institute.

Here are several questions answered in a Life between Life session....
*Discover your Purpose on earth
*Your eternal soul name
*Angelic Helpers eternal name
*Choice of this body, and how it helps accomplish your Purpose
*Review how you chose your present body and the family you were born into
*The Council of Masters reviews your life:  (very loving , kind and insightful)
*Reconnect with your Primary Soul Mate
*How the Council of Elder Masters feels the client is progressing in this life

*Tips and suggestions from the Council

*Primary purpose of current life
*Overall mission of client’s immortal soul
*Purpose for choice of present body
*Purpose for choice of Mother/Father & other significant people
*Reconnecting with your Soul Group
*Reconnecting with loved ones who died

*Visiting the Akashic library
*And so much more......

Finding the "Purpose of this Life" is the most important question someone will have answered in this incarnation.  You can discover this answer and so much more by remembering all that is within your immortal soul consciousness.  This is accomplished by deep trance hypnosis using the techniques taught to Chuck,  by  Michael.   

Once this is found, the entire present life has a profound depth of understanding that fuels the awareness.  Many other questions can be asked directly to your own personal Angelic helpers,  such as: "What is my highest and best use of my time on earth?",   " Who is my primary soul mate,  and may I see and speak with my loved one now who has passed over?"


Testimonials from a few of the 1000’s of previous clients  below. 

Dear Chuck,
It has been several weeks since I experienced my Past Life Regression and  Life Between Lives Regression, I am still astounded at the beneficial effects it has brought into my life! In one session (one session!!!!) I understand so much more about my life - more than therapy, or counseling, or psychic readings, or astrology charts could have done in years. I feel more confident, grounded, and much happier because I now understand where a lot of my issues came from. With this understanding I can now let go of them, and be much freer to move forward in a dynamic and very very positive way.

Thank you again and again...
All the Best to you in every Lifetime!!

Dear Chuck,
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for the freedom that came with the Life Between Life Session. Truly a personal paradigm shift has happened in my head, my heart, my consciousness, my very soul. I have not felt this way since I was shown how to meditate many many years ago - and that beautiful daily practice I experience is something that has been sweetly enhanced with the LBL experience. I believe a Life Between Life Session will help anyone gain a better understanding of who they are, and how to proceed ahead with their life, so I am telling ALL my friends about this!! 

I also want to say that you are a great hypnotherapist!! You went through the whole process with great care and kindness; your voice was soothing and assuring; your anchoring  definitely helped me remember most of the session later on. Chuck, you have a gift, and I am sure you will continue to use it for the greater good of all who turn to you for help - whether it be Life Between Life Regressions, Past Life Regressions, or to help someone get over allergies, fears, phobias, habits, chronic pains and illnesses, which was a pleasant surprise as a byproduct of the session.

Thank you so very much for helping to open my soul, thereby creating the space for a whole lot of healing.
Very Best Regards
Nathalie R.,  Miami, Fl.

Dear Chuck,

If it never happens again, I consider myself blessed to have had a wonderful first Life Between Lives Session.  My primary goal was to be with the soul of my recently departed darling Marcia, and it happened.  I was in bliss being with her and was crying throughout the hypnosis session.  Chuck was an expert guide and we did have a wondrous journey together that I shall never forget.  However, it was more important to me that Chuck is real and down to earth as I felt so at ease and comfortable with him.  I was fortunately with a professional who refreshingly didn’t have an ego that spouted off how great he is.  Chuck is just the opposite, so understated and I know I will be with him for many repeat time travel trips.  I had gone through prior regressive primal therapy, but not past lives, and there is a certain amount of insight one gains about people after you become a feeling person.  My brain tells me that Chuck is  multi-talented with much to offer and my heart tells me that he more importantly is truthful and honest in his own heart.  It must be destiny that I found the one qualified person in South Florida who can help me. 
Thank you Chuck Frank. 

Dearest Chuck,
Mucho Gracias, again, and again...
The experience of my Soul Group, Guide & Council, never ceases to amaze.  This was my 4th, LBL session in 3 years, and the experience  always astounds, surprises, and blows me away, due to the pure Joy & Love that exists within inside me.  I never guessed it was in me, always thought it was in someone else.  Can’t thank you enough for your guidance, patience, and professionalism.  Maria, will be calling soon for her 2nd session. 
We “love” you,
“I’ll be back” (sounds like Arnold S. :)
Your LBL friends for life,
Pedro & Maria


If you want to change habits, and release limiting negative emotions that keep you from fulfilling your destiny and feel joy in your life, then it's time to discover hypnosis and it’s clinically proven benefits.

Dear Chuck,
I can’t thank you enough for your help.  My hand was shaking for the past 12 years, it started after my  aneurysm operation on my brain.  I couldn’t hold a pen to sign my name, and being a watchmaker by trade, I couldn’t work for the past 12 years. 
After  working with you my hand stopped shaking, and I can write again and work on watches.  I don’t know what you did;  however, it’s a miracle to me!  God Bless you and keep up the great work.”  The LBL session was great!
Angel Contreras

84 years young, Los Angeles, CA

Dearest Chuck,
A friend of mine raved to me about your Life Between Lives Regression Session.  I could tell it was a life changing experience for her;  however, I thought she was exaggerating some.  Little did I know  that she was under-expressing the details of the session.   With my LBL session Saturday, and experiencing my life between lives soul body, it has become clear to me that this has got to be heaven, the experience I’ve been searching for  my entire life.  When I discovered my purpose for being born and reconnected with my primary soul mate the tears of joy overwhelmed me, I’m still overwhelmed 2 weeks after the session. 

Beautiful, astonishing, spectacular, eye opening, heart opening, are words that just don’t express my heart felt thanks for that experience.  Loved it!   Loved it!   Loved it! 

Chuck, thanks again for helping me find my purpose.  I’ve wondered about it my entire life;  it’s as if the veil has been lifted and I can see clearly now what I’m supposed to do.   Sounds simplistic; however, it was life changing.  Bless you!
 Tanya V.

Dear Chuck,

The regression & LBL session to find what I was really good at doing was amazing.  I never would have guessed it would take me back to another life time.  I didn’t even believe in past lives; however, after that session I have to admit it’s not a belief, I know.  I’m now doing what we discovered and making money at it, and loving it!  I always heard to 'Follow my heart' however I didn't know what my heart wanted, thanks for the help in discovering.
Goodbye forever my 9 -6 job! 
Can’t thank you enough,
Robert S. 

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”       
 Albert Einstein

“When I was small I heard that an angel was always with me, it seemed a nice fairy tale as I got older;  however, when I saw and spoke with my Angel while in deep hypnosis,  I was in awe!   Thank you for being there for me with you unusual talents.  I will remember these sessions for the rest of my life.   Better yet, I’ll be back!
Isabella F

Dear Chuck,
My post traumatic stress is gone!  After my accident 3 years ago I couldn’t drive on a main highway.   I was always taking the side roads to avoid the highway at any cost.   On the way home from the session I had with you I took the highway home: It saved me 35 minutes of travel time and restored my sense of courage.  That was one amazing  LBL session!
Bless you from my heart, and keep up the good work

Hello Chuck,
I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the Life Between Lives session I had with you.  Since I did it I feel more secure with the true knowledge of knowing why I'm on this earth.  Being with my council and finding my purpose, and receiving clarity to go forward, and having all my questions answered was majestic, really.  I'm grateful with Spirit for guiding me to you.  I use my pendulum when I do my Spiritual Response Therapy, and spirit showed me your expertise was 100% on a 100 scale.  Once again Spirit was correct, and the session was remarkable.  Again, thank you for being so friendly and lovable.  I hope to be your friend forever, and I know the company of heaven got us together to help each other on our way back home. 
Blessings filled with light,
Gloria Vasquez
Certified Spiritual Response Therapist
Bogota, Colombia

Hypnosis is a scientifically verified technique that can promote accelerated human change. Your success is my success.

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Expert certified master hypnotist with over 30 years of experience, over 1,000 successful sessions, over 600 Life Between Lives sessions.

After a successful LBL,  you'll have opened a doorway into the higher beautiful realms of light and love with in your  self:  you can anticipate to have many "aah haa" moments of insight in the days, weeks, & months that follow your session.  

Prerequisite (per Dr. Newton)  for a Life Between Life Session is a recent Past Life Session:    $425.00

Life Between Life Session is approximately 4 to 6  hours:  $425.00

*** If you choose to do the Past Life Regression & LBL the same day, the price is reduced to $549.00  for both in Hollywood.  Out of town the fee is $589.00.  This is for the Longer Deeper Version session, approximately 4 to 6 hours.  With the Longer Deeper LBL session, if you want, you'll be shown how to "feel & see" energy, and sense when the energy is turned off in your body, PLUS, be shown how to turn it on. Many people describe this ability as, Fantastic and Amazing.  It is...

1st timers get a**** BONUS****:  if you have trouble getting into the LBL space on your 1st session, you can come back and do a 2nd session FREE***** This applies to 1st timers only doing both the PLR & LBL the same day.  The free session takes place in Hollywood.   

(I offer this because I feel it's one of the best experiences a person can have on earth and I want everyone to experience it.)

Dramatic reduction in price for LBL’s when you come back  for a 2nd or 3rd session, as many people do.  It really is an “EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME”.     Many people choose to do a PLR/LBL each year,  on their birthday, to keep in touch with their inner knowing, and feeling of connection to the oneness & their helpers.

Refund Policy

*Your time and my time is valuable so...

*Be sure you are serious about making your appointment, there are no refunds, once you schedule: (this session takes up the entire work day) however, you are always allowed to reschedule a time that works for both of us with no extra charges:   and I do make appointments on weekends & evenings.

This is my favorite session to do; one of the most fascinating and absorbing 5 hours one can spend on planet earth.

Chuck Frank
754 224 1456
LBL trained at the Newton institute 2007
Hollywood, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, No. Dakota,
Rio de Janiero, Brazil, Mexico




Chuck  Frank

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Life Between Lives Hypnosis

What happens between one life and the next?

Chuck with  Dr. Michael Newton   Sept. 28, 2007.  Dr. Newton's 2nd to  last  training class.  Below:  Video of  LBL demonstration,  Dr. Michael Newton was in the room watching this demonstration.  Chuck,  at table left at 1 minute 52 seconds.