Medical Intuitive Training Classes

Learning to "Feel Energy" then to "Turn Energy" on if  it is weak or off.

We can feel into any space in the body of humans or animals, then we can

feel if the energy is weak in the bones, discs, muscles, glands, organs, or any

body part.  We can feel this energy in ourselves or at any distance.  Imagine

being able to fix yourself, your loved ones, your animals any time there is pain

or discomfort. 

Each class is approximately 3 hours

Fee:  $199.00

1st hour is learning to Feel energy

2nd & 3rd hour is turning on the energy in your body and remotely on friends, family, and pets in person or at  a distance.

Bring a pen and pad to take notes.  Recording class is not allowed.

If you have a smart phone bring it to take pictures of anatomy charts.

Classes are held every day except Friday. 

There is a required $100. deposit to "save the date" of your session. 

In class we'll discuss:  The Brain, Kiniesiology, Vertebrate, Acupuncture Meridians, Discs, Nerves, Organs, Glands, and much more....

Energy between two people, and how to turn it on when off.

How to purify water.

Oxygenating and Hydrating the brain.

Neutralizing chemicals and toxins. 

Finding and instantly eliminating negative spiritual entities, curses, spells, etc.