Have you ever wondered who you may have been in one of your previous lives?
 Have you ever wondered who you may have known, or what you may have done?
 Past Life Regression is used for many reasons, here are some of them. ..
Exploring Past Lives to find the initial cause of a problem and solve the problem.
Finding a career or skill that you were accomplished in and may still have passion to perform.
Finding your Soul Mate you’ve been traveling through time with, and many, many more exciting and stimulating adventures.  Remembering your past loves, past friends, family, pets. 

During the Past Life Regression sessions held in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, & Orlando, Florida, we can explore several different lives in the the one session.  You can go forward or backward in time to significant events that have a lasting impression and imprint your soul. 

It's lovely to explore the highlights of  joy and love, and abundance. 

Another reason to do a Past Life Regression is to find repeating patterns of behavior that keep us stuck and zap our energy.  These can be repeating patterns in relationships, careers, health, finances, thinking, or wild ungrounded negative imagination. 

Many people are worried that they will not be able to experience their first  Past Life Regression.  It's true that there is a very small percentage of the population that just can't do it.  The main reason for not being able to access the information is being too overly critical of what you are experiencing.  Thinking that what you are experiencing should be different: 

Basically, and fundamentally, not trusting your own experience.  


The antidote to being critical, judgmental,  analytical, and not trusting what you are getting during your session is simply to postpone analyzing until you leave the session.  Simple & effective.  Just report what you are experiencing.  Analyze later....

You'll want to bring a pillow and sheet so you are comfortable while you are in one position for 2 hours. 

If you'd like to record the session, bring a small digital recorder.  (they are inexpensive these days and the mics  are excellent, plus they record for hours)

The day before your session you'll want to get a good night sleep.  The day of your session, eat a light meal and no drugs or alcohol.  

If you have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the session it is fine.   It does NOT effect the session at all.  Just come back and lie down and go right back into your hypnosis state. 

You'll run into people who may be new to you:  also, there will be those that are very familiar and may be the same soul as your friend, lover, children, parents, etc.   You may have changed roles in different lives. 
A Past Life Regression Session is approximately 2 hrs to 2.5  hrs long: however, they can run as long as 3 hours:  You'll be left in trance as long as you are getting information and are comfortable.  

You will be talking in a normal tone of voice through the entire session:  Answering questions, explaining what you are sensing.  You'll be able to remember every detail of your experience;  Plus, you'll be given detailed hand written notes of everything your mentioned, and the recording if you choose to bring a recorder. 

*** BONUS ***

During your first session if you are NOT successful getting into the past life experience, you can do a second session at ZERO charge.  The reason for this is I'd like everyone to be able to access their pasts: it's beautiful.

Tips for a good session....

1.  Stop thinking.  The Past Life Regression  has "nothing" to do with what you think or believe.   It's all about your five senses: what you see, hear, feel, smell, and taste.   During your session you'll be reminded to speak in sense terms.  Example:  "I see a tree,"  or "I hear someone to my left."  

2.  Meditation, Yoga, Relaxation, or any kind of discipline is helpful to quiet the mind.  There are a large majority of people who haven't done any meditation or yoga and still have very excellent sessions. 


Author of Many Lives, Many Masters.  Chuck,  of has studied with Dr Weiss, and completed over 1000 Past Life Regressions with clients over the last 20 years. 

*** If you choose to do the Past Life Regression the fee is $349.

Refund Policy:  All sessions have a $100. deposit to "Save the Date".

*Your time and my time is valuable
*Be sure you are serious about making your appointment, there are no refunds, once you schedule: (this session takes up the entire work day) however, you are always allowed to reschedule a time that works for both of us with no extra charges:   and I do make appointments on weekends sometimes. 

The  Regressions are my favorite sessions to do; one of the most fascinating and absorbing 2 to 6 hours one can spend on planet earth.

Chuck Frank
754 224 1456
Hollywood, Florida

5 minutes from Ft. Lauderdale Int. airport: 
20 minutes from Miami Inter. airport

Dr. Brian Weiss, author of "Many Lives Many Masters", Chucks teacher for Past Life Regression hypnosis.

Past Life Regression sessions are approximately 2 to 2 1/2 hours long depending on how much information you are tapping into.  During one session we can go to several different past lives.  Some lives you may want to experience are:  your happiest past life, your immediate past life, the life you had great skills to make money, joyous life with your soul mate... and we can always ask your subconscious to take you to the most relevant past life. 

The Past Life Regression session is fascinating; however, there is the experience of the Life Between Lives session which includes the PLR, and regression to the Soul Realm between one life and the other.  The PLR session is like graduating from high school, and the Between Lives session is like getting a PHd. 

We can regress to the cause of any problem or situation that isn't working for you, and find the reason and neutralize the original reason for the problem.  Imagine dominos.  Knock down the first one and then all the rest collapse.  This is the effect of "Regressing to the Cause" of the problem, sometimes it takes us to a past life, this is where we do the neutralizing techniques to collapse the first cause. 

Chuck has done over 900 successful Past Life Regression sessions and studied with the foremost pioneers Dr. Michael Newton, and Dr. Brian Weiss.  Trained by the best, certified by the best.  Come and have your own personal experiences. 

Remember to forget what you've read and heard and fantasized about PLR and have your own experience which will have a greater impact , and give you deepest insight into your soul. 


Past Life Regression hypnosis connects you to another time, another place: to help you in this time and this place.