Chuck is a Master Medical Intuitive and can read your energy in your Brain, Nerves, Glands, Acupuncture Meridians, Muscles, Vertebrate and Discs, Organs, and Energy Fields around your body.  Using his super sensitive abilities to feel energy he can also sense if you have any negative spiritual entities stealing your energy, and eliminate them instantly. With this highly developed 6th Sense, he can "feel" the energy in any space and read if it is strong or weak.  The BEST part is that he has also learned to turn on the energy instantly once he finds the weakened space where the energy is turned off. 

Chuck had his Lumbar 4 Disc and Lumbar 5 Disc bulging and herniated, broken, pressing on his spinal chord and this crippled him for months.  When no doctors in Miami could fix him he researched and found a energy teacher that taught him the basics of energy which healed him in less than 30 minutes.  A miracle?  Yes!!!

Now Chuck teaches his gift to anyone that would like to EMPOWER themselves to feel and turn on energy, this is one of his greatest joys and brings him immense happiness while teaching and watching the expressions on students faces when they make their first few energy adjustments.  Profound is an understatement.  Chuck predicts this will be taught in medical schools around the world in the next century. 

Medical Intuitive Readings and the Healing that immediately  follows can be accomplished in person or at a distance...

Just some of the problems Chuck can very quickly eliminate with Energy balancing, and Centering....

*****NOTE***** Chuck doesn't work on the physical body: that is left for the doctors:  Chuck works with the LIFE FORCE ENERGY ONLY.  When he mentions a body part, he "means" the "energy" located at the body part space.  Medical doctors work on the physical body.

Fears, Phobias, Neutralizing the negative energy after the loss of a loved one


Body Pain, 

Glands, Organs, Bones, Discs, Vertebrae, Tendons, Acupuncture Meridians, Muscles, Neurovascular points, NeuroLympathic points, and much more...

Dull Brain,

Lower Lumbar Pain (over 40% of the population has this very easy to eliminate pain)
Muscle Pain
Chronic Pain
Abdominal Pain

Energy is in every atom, everywhere in our universe.  It is possible to "feel" the energy in any space.  This unique skill can be learned by anyone who has a passion and dedication to practicing the very simple techniques that Chuck teaches, not only does he fix you, he'll teach you how to fix yourself.  This is one of the greatest self empowering things we can ever do for ourselves.  Imagine, being able to  quickly eliminate pain and suffering in yourself or your loved ones at the exact time it is happening.  Pain becomes your friend versus making you a victim.  Pain indicates that the energy in a certain place is turned off and now we can turn it on very quickly.  When the energy is flowing we have no pain.... simple.... effective.... quick.

Physical, Mental, Emotional, Psychological, Psychic, Spiritual, Etheric body, Astral body,
Mental body, Causal Body, Money, Career, Relationships, Health, Entities, Curses, Spells, Love:  It's all an energy. Even though we can't see these energies, there is a way to sense them, by feeling.

When we are sick and in pain, no matter what the illness, it's all the same, the energy is turned off. 

Just like turning on a light switch, and the light comes on in a dark room, when we use the technique to turn on the energy, the body part, has the life energy flowing back into it.  The "LIFE ENERGY" is the strongest healing force in the universe.  This life energy is what we are made of, if you didn't have this energy you wouldn't be alive.

Just like a garden hose, when there is a kink in the hose, the water pressure can't flow properly. 
It's the same with our bodies.  When the nerve energy, the blood supply, is pinched off, the body part effected has a diminished energy flow. 

The consequences of this energy healing technique is life changing.  Some people have had instant healings, for others it takes more than one session.  When the energy is turned on the healing process begins. 

You can do all the herbs, health foods, vitamins, drugs, you want; however, if the life energy isn't turned on, it's a losing battle, and you'll never be 100% of your potential.  Once the energy is turned on you'll want to do all the good foods and vitamins.  The energy is #1, everything else is #2. 

There may be a time when doctors or hospitals are not available to you.  You'll want to know this easy and simple to use technique to heal yourself.

Remote healing sessions by phone
Price for 1st session 1 hour: $99.00
Regular 30 minute sessions:  $29.

Classes in Hollywood, Florida

Energy Healing Classes are $199. and are approximately 3 hours long.
Phone questions are free after the initial learning session.

Classes out of town:  Add $50.

Chuck Frank
754 224 1456
Hollywood, Florida

List of Fears & Phobias that can be neutralized quickly on the Fears & Phobia page


Quickly finding the cause of pain using his Medical Intuition training:  then, quickly eliminating the pain.

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Pain is our friend, it signals to us that there is something wrong.  However, once we know there is something wrong, we have to be able to stop the pain by fixing the problem.  First we recognize there is a problem.  Second we locate the reason for the problem.  Third we fix the problem by turning on the energy at the spot it was turned off or diminished.  This process can take days, weeks or months with the usual medical tests. Being a medical intuitive, which is the ability to sense where the problem is located , it can take as little as a minute or two to find the source of the problem without using any external tools, or machines to diagnose.  Once  we locate the source and location of the problem, then it only takes a second or two to turn on the energy which was turned off.  Read some of the testimonials below to get a sense of the awesome power of turning on your energy.  It's fast.  It's simple. It works!!!!