What do you do when you don't feel good and are in the middle of the ocean, or on top of a mountain, in the middle of the jungle, in a desert?  You are away from civilization and need to feel better fast, what do you do? 

Call 1 754 224 1456 anytime and talk to:  Healer Without Borders, Mr. Chuck Frank, International Healer and medical intuitive.  

More times you get instant or almost instant results and feel better.  This has nothing to do with what you believe or know or what you may have heard before.   It has everything to do with your ENERGY.  Chuck has the ability to feel your energy anywhere at anytime and within seconds feel the weakness in your energy field, in the exact space where the energy is off or weak.  He can describe the space(s) where your energy is off, and the way he describes these space(s) is naming the physical body parts: however, he is not working on the physical level, he is just describing the space where the energy is weak or off, and then adjusting the energy to be stronger in this weak space.  Medical doctors work on the physical level and they are limited to being in your presence to work on you.  Chuck does not work on the physical level, he is working at the energy level only.  The energy level is where the vitality for the physical body originates....

We live in an ocean of energy, just like the fish live in the ocean, we live in the energy ocean.   Because this energy is in every atom, every molecule, every square inch of air, water, our bodies, it's everywhere in everything.  Some people can feel this energy: moreover, some can feel it at any distance, even if you were on the international space station, or on the other side of the planet.  We are already connected to this energy field, we are this energy field, there is no difference between the energy one foot to your left, and the energy in the space in your belly, it's all energy.  Everything is connected in this energy field, this ocean of energy.  Some very sensitive people can sense or feel this energy field.  Chuck has developed his senses to be able to detect weaknesses in the energy field with his sense of feeling.  If you've ever seen a religious painting, you may notice a halo or aura around some great saints head.  Some people have a highly developed sense of sight to be able to sense the human aura.  Chuck has the highly developed sense of feeling to detect the weakness in the human energy field. 

Testimonials from clients

Dear Chuck,

I can't thank you enough for your help yesterday!  When my back blew out and I was helpless on the floor, between my bathroom and my bedroom, and couldn't move and was howling in pain like a wild animal,  lucky for me my cell phone was in my pocket.  When I called and you answered the phone and told me what the problem was and then tuned up the energy there in my lower back, I could instantly get up and walk without any pain!  The pain was nasty, like nothing I ever experienced before and hopefully will never experience again.  You number has been put on the top of my contact list so I can easily and quickly call whenever I feel any illness again. 

Really big hug and thank you from my heart to yours,

G. G.

Miami Beach, Florida

Chuck my friend for life,

My blood test came back and was not good, I was very concerned, more like freaked out, when my doctor told me the results and the consequences that accompany those results.  Your blood chemistry tune up shocked my doctor when I went back a week later and got another blood chemistry work up.  My doctor asked me,  what did I do?   I didn't tell him you did your energy thing on the phone, I just didn't know how to describe it to him, so I said, "healthy living."  I turn 82 years old next week, and my doctor told me when he got the results of the 2nd test, I had the blood chemistry of a 30 year old!  That dramatic change happened in one week.  Fascinating to say the least.  You are talented, and I am so grateful to have you in my life.  Life is good now thanks to you.

thank you .... thank you... thank you,


Orlando, Florida